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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: Why are these bars more expensive than <insert mass-produced bar name>?
A:  We use the best ingredients we can find. As a result, the cost of materials is higher. We use organic and all-natural ingredients. We don’t use fillers like wheat, oats, other grains,

A: We don't add sugar. We don't add clever sugar alternatives that are actually sugar (like "cane juice", honey, and the like). We just don't add sugar. This means we need to use real dried fruits :)


Q: Where do you get your supplies?

A: Dragonfly Nutrition Bars orders all of its raw nuts and organic dried fruits from businesses right here in the USA! Most of our ingredients come from Arizona and California and are grown by family-owned businesses. The only ingredient that isn't sourced from the USA is our USDA Organic coconut.


Q: What is the shelf life of these bars?

   A: Six months when stored at 70 degrees and kept out of sunlight.  This is a natural product, so after about 22-25 weeks it begins to become stale. You can greatly extend the shelf life by refrigerating the product. 


Q: What can I do to extend shelf life?

A: Storing the bars in a refrigerator will double the shelf life


Q: Will you ship to an APO address?

A: Of course!


Q: How can I become a reseller?

A: send us email to the address on the back of the package (it’s in several photos on this site as well).  We don’t include it here to avoid having that address harvested by spammers. Or, you can call: four two five - five seven six- four four five five